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Design trends

Design trends: a new way of looking into the future

Shape, color, symbol and typography. When we think of design trends, these are usually the terms that come to our minds. But now, we would like to analyze this concept in a more strategic way and think beyond the visual aspect.  We know, and this is a fact, that trends come and go. Some time ago, the gradient effect was marginalized by the design world, but today it is present in the branding of many trademarks with considerable force. In this article, however, we are not going to talk about trends as a design resource, but rather what drives design, what precedes it. And, to talk about this subject with the necessary propriety, we invited Mr. Thiago Cruz, an extraordinary designer and who is also a partner of Fastdezine. Thiago gave us his personal vision of how to deal with this subject, and his perception is so relevant that it could not be kept just for us. We invite you to keep reading and be introduced to a new look that can reframe the way you see design trends. Economy, health and perspectives for the future: how brands position themselves and redefine their meanings in the market When we look

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