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How we got here

Fastdezine is a Brazilian-American company with one simple purpose: to be the best +1. This mindset makes us the best fit for agencies, franchisees and many other companies. Our journey and our 200 plus clients believed and approved our way of doing business. See where we have been in the past.

Startup Farm

Scalable Model

Nov 2015


Model Validation

Nov 2016

UC Berkeley


Jan 2017

Angel Investment

Jan 2017


US Expansion

Sep 2018

Investment and Acceleration

May 2018

Apex Sponsorship

Delivering Brazilian Creativity

Mar 2018

Industry Accelerator

Mar 2017


EC Expansion

Nov 2018


EC Expansion

Nov 2018

Industry Cooperation

Nov 2019


Apex Sponsorship

Nov 2019


Logo and Website

Dec 2019


China Expansion

Dec 2019

Our team

Who we trust

We believe that great talent is the easiest way to get something done right. Therefore we gather skilled people to manage and coordinate all the work we’ve been doing. Today our network has over 400 people commited to offer the best solutions to every single task.

Ursula Aleixo

21 years of experience in the American Franchise sector

Marcio Carvalho

Computer Scientist
UFMG Professor

Brenda Pacheco

Project Manager and Scrum Master

Gabriela Tolentino

Diogo Salomão

Creative Director
UFMG ProfessorCreative Director with 15 years of experience in brand strategy

Luisa Carvalho

Head of Operations

Alana Paula

Ivon Virgolino

Amanda Esposito

David Castello

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