Does my business need a landing page? Websites that have more landing pages get more conversions. This is what the statistic from HubSpot’s research proved when they discovered that companies see a 55% increase in leads when increasing their number of landing pages from 10 to 15.

Landing pages increase the number of leads from your website, marketers have proven this over and over again. So, yes, you need a landing page, in fact, you need several of them.


Easy to find offers

Even when you have all the information about your company and what it has to offer on your website, landing pages make conversions much easier. Why? Because you are taking the information that visitor wants right now, and putting it front and center. They don’t have to search around the site to find the what they need.

Easy to share

Landing pages give every offer, their own page. Instead of restating your offer throughout your entire site, and putting a form in each of these places, you just link to the landing page.

When you guest post on a popular website, you can send readers to a special offer on a landing page made just for them.
Product Hunt, a tool curation website, allows companies to do this. Visitors from Product Hunt get a special discount, or free trial, that others don’t receive thanks to special landing pages.

This image on the HubSpot marketing blog links to a landing page:

Ability to Test and Improve your offer

The biggest benefit of having landing pages is the ability to edit and improve them. Using software like Google Analytics, you can see how many visitors are filling out your form.

If 100 people come to your site and you get 5 forms filled out, you are converting at 5%. Try changing your headline to see if you can increase this. Some experts are able to improve conversions up to 70% based on the offer, landing page and traffic.

What does increased conversions do for your business?

Imagine you get 1000 visitors to your landing page and 50 of them fill out your form, a 5% conversion rate. Now out of those 50 people, you are able to connect with 45, and eventually get 10 of them to make a purchase. From these purchases you gross $2,500. You can say that 20% of your leads buy your services.

Now what if you had 1,000 visitors and you figured out how to get 7% of them to fill out the form? With the same 20% of leads, you would hypothetically gross $3,500 from the same amount of traffic.

Here are some ways to increase conversions:

  • Remove fields from your form.
  • Add a subhead that further explains why people will enjoy what you are selling.
  • Add images to support your offer.
  • Change wording.

Landing pages that used effectively increase the number of conversions a website gets. Before we discuss how to use them, let’s discuss what goes on them.


We take an in-depth look at elements need for your landing page here (link), but here are the important elements you need:

  • Headline with benefit: Tell your visitors how they’ll benefit from your landing page offer.
  • Subhead: a sentence that further explains your value to the visitor.
  • Image: give people a visual idea of how their lives will improve with your product, or show them a picture of your product.
  • Explanation: Excite your visitors with more information, bullet lists of benefits and features of what you are selling.
  • Form: Gather their information.
  • CTA (Call to action): A button that tells visitors how to take action.

Having a landing page is beneficial to your digital presence, but having several of them will be even better.

How many landing pages you need?

Interestingly enough, the number of landing pages you’ll need isn’t set in stone, there’s no indication of success from x number of landing pages alone. But I would suggest you start with at least a handful. You’ll want a page for every offer you have.

Let’s look at an example:

Say you are a construction company in Dallas, TX and you have a website that shows off some of your work. Here is a list of some landing pages you might want to start with:

  • Home repairs
  • Kitchen remodel
  • Bathroom remodel
  • Home building
  • Roofing

You most likely already have these pages on your website, with some pictures of work you’ve done, and some explanations, tips, and prices.

But a landing page is different. A landing page specifically says: We offer this service, if you need it, put in your information and we will contact you ASAP.

It’s amazing how this will convert someone who is passively looking to someone who has filled out your form. Conversions from content pages to landing pages increase exponentially.

As you add more services or find that you get a lot of interest in another topic, you should add more landing pages. This could be Additions, Decks, or Sun Rooms.

Now that you know what to use landing pages for, let’s talk about how to use them effectively.

Using Landing pages effectively

When given the chance to share your website with people, it’s tempting to tell them It’s easy, it gets them to your site and they can find their way around, right? Wrong!

Share directories to your landing pages

If you want to put your landing pages to work for you, you’ll need to implement a few changes. For starters, consider sharing your link as

Doing this will send people directly to your offers instead of your information-packed site. Let’s say you talk to someone who wants to get more information about home repairs, give them your card with the link
When they fill out the form they’ll get an email of information about home repairs from you. You’ll have information on what they were looking for and the contact info to call them.

Link to landing pages from other pages on your site

As you write other information on your website, direct people to your landing pages to contact you and get information about your services. This allows you to track how well your offer does as well as the interest people have. You can also use images to link to the landing pages, this will attract even more interest.


Using landing pages for your website is a necessity if you want to optimize the usage of a site, and the effectiveness of turning visitors into buyers. This is why it is important for your clients to have landing pages, more landing pages equal more leads for their businesses, explain this to them and help them generate ideas around what their offers could be.

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