An ebook is an electronic format of a book that is downloaded using a PC, computer, tablet, laptop and other devices and it can either be a version of a printed book or an exclusive online version. The pdf books are often optimized to the online reader with more images or a better text display for tablets, iPads, etc.

E-books are beneficial especially to business owners as an inbound marketing tool as part of a bigger marketing strategy since it provides a deeper level of content. Despite the fact that an ebook can offer a multitude of benefits, providing a more meaningful and useful content is needed. So here are a few tips on how to make your ebook a hit.


Some business owners produce a massive amount of ebooks. When you belong to the same industry, you have to understand that quality is more imperative that quantity. If you have been providing a large number of repeated and nonsensical information, you will disappoint your target audience.

As a result, they will not make you as their number one option. To avoid that, quality content should be always taken into account.

Once your target customers read a relevant and meaningful information from your ebook, they will be more likely to build a relationship with your company and eventually become a customer. With time and good content, you can create a good ebook library for your customers.


Every entrepreneur wants to produce an effective ebook. To guide you in creating a more useful and interesting one, there are elements that you have to bear in mind:

  1. Title
    The first element you have to properly make is the title. You should create a descriptive yet interesting title so that you can catch the attention of your future clients. Once they read a thought provoking title, they are most likely to read your ebook until the end.
    For example this Hubspot’s ebook: Intro to Inbound Marketing Analytics and the Key Metrics Your Executives Really Want to See.
    You know exactly what you are getting. The subject itself is a hot topic and besides it gives you that extra push by saying that it will tell -you not the same basic thing that you’ll see anywhere but- the metrics that your bosses would like. Who doesn’t want to impress their bosses?
    Now, what if the ebook was called Marketing Metrics? Is not a horrible title. You do get the idea of where is headed but is not very specific. Is it digital marketing? What kind of metrics? Advertising metrics? With all those questions, you might end up with unhappy prospects that might even not be your target. The more specific you are, the more targeted and therefore more qualified your leads will be.
    For you to achieve what you like, you can ask help from other people or you can search online to get more ideas. Don’t stop in just a few. You should write several ideas a day. That way you make sure to have the best possible title while working on some new ideas as well.
  2. Content. Your content.
    Your business’ content is the most important element and you should pay extra attention to it. It is no good having thousands of downloads if no one likes your content. People came to you, to your company to know more about a subject. Make the most out of this. Your knowledge is very important and so is the information you are passing on.

  3. And don’t forget to research! Read your competition. Are they talking about the same subject? Innovate. Explain in a simpler manner. Make it interesting.
  4. Test it out
    Read after you finish writing. Is it understandable? Is it interesting? Make sure your ebook is readable, relevant and useful to your prospect client. Send it to a couple of friends. Did they like or found it boring? Even the most tedious subjects can be explained in a cool – relatable way.


A good design is not the key point for people to download your ebook but it doesn’t hurt if along the content the design looks good too, right? If you don’t know where to start, Hubspot gives you 11 Essential Elements of a Well-Designed Marketing Ebook.


Your ebook is no good if no one downloads it, right? So make sure you have a proper call to action to it. Be direct on your CTA buttons and tell them what they are getting. The more direct you are, the more likely people are to click on it. Ex.: “Click here to download the ebook” tells you exactly what you’re getting when you click the button. Also, don’t be afraid to test it out. Perform A/B testing to discover the best CTA for your audience.


An ebook can provide a lot of benefits to you as an entrepreneur. One of those is boosting website traffic which can bring new prospects creating more opportunities to generate leads and potentially new sales and revenue. By using an electronic format of a book, you can reach your targeted market with lower costs than you would with a printed material and get more information about your prospects. Make sure to ask relevant information when asking a lead to fill a form. You need to better understand your audience and here is the perfect time to do it. They are giving out their information in return for the knowledge you are sharing. It’s a win-win situation. So, be certain to ask the information that will help build your buyer’s journey and better understand your lead.


Creating a more meaningful ebook requires more time. However, when it is properly created, you can use it for a long period of time. With that thought in mind, take the time to write a good material. Allocate time for research, for reading references and the competition when writing. After you write a good material, your job will be just keeping it up to date.


As a part of the business world, it is very hard and challenging to gain the trust of your prospect clients. By creating a more useful and captivating ebook, your business will seem trustworthy but you have to make sure that all your offers, products and other services are of high quality so that they will not regret their choice.


Along with other inbound marketing contents, an ebook gives you the opportunity to explore a subject giving useful information to your prospect while gathering more information about his needs. But remember: Quality trumps quantity any day when talking about inbound. The better your content is, the more liked, shared (and loved) your company will be. And you will probably acquire some loyal customers for years to come.

So follow a few hints to make your content even more enjoyable and start writing!

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