There is no perfect answer for choosing a design for your website. It’s either a boring template, or an expensive design that takes forever.

But maybe not, maybe, if you know what you need from your design, you can choose the perfect solution for your company.

Read through these pros and cons of buying a website template or getting a custom design and you’ll be able to make the best decision for your company.

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Inexpensive investment: A template is the easy choice to get a website up and moving as quickly as possible. Simply purchase a stock template off any site from $50-$1000, upload the files, and you have a fully functioning site.

Quick set-up: Add your own content to the template, along with images, change some page names, and you can send traffic to your site. This option is inexpensive and effortless.

Thousands to choose from: There are several templates stores for websites. They are sorted by CMS programs, functions, color, and theme. With so many options on the market you are sure to find something acceptable for your site if you decide not to get a custom design.


Difficult to integrate other technologies: If you need to run a store on your site, add a custom application, or connect with APIs it might be impossible to only use a template. You’ll need a developer and designer who can help you make the needed implementations.

Lack of branding: While you can upload your logo or mascot, and choose a template with your brand colors, you’ll lose the option to integrate your logo or brand throughout your navigation, on additional pages, and in graphics.

Difficulty with uploading content: Unless you have the tech skills, you might have a hard time uploading the files, and making them work. Then you may have issues with coding the content and images you want included. The time you saved with a template may not result in much time saved over all if you get stuck for hours on end.

Security issues: As technologies develop, older templates do not have the security features needed to keep your visitors’ and your company’s information safe. You’ll need to hire someone who can work with your templates to make appropriate security updates over time.

Buying a template for your company is a good choice if you have a short amount of time before your launch, or you need something immediately.

The low cost and fast nature of just needing to upload the files makes it a great choice for an immediate website. If you won’t be receiving a lot of traffic, or will only use your site to direct phone calls and emails, the right brochure website template could work.

Choose A Website Template If:

  • You are short on time
  • You need something immediately
  • You have a small budget
  • You don’t need to incorporate branding
  • Your content and needs are simple


Unique designs allow you to fully decide on every feature of your website. Where do you want the navigation? How do you want it to behave (dropdown menus, slide in from the side)? What color scheme works for your company? And more.


Choose how it looks and works: A designer will take all of your demands, and give you a mock up of their recommendations. You will own all pieces of your site, have access to PSD files to make changes, and you’ll make the decisions on how the site functions for the user. You can decide if you want several different pages or a one page site that scrolls through all of the content.

Designed around your content: When you have a custom design made for you, you also get the benefit of designing the site around the content you already have. With video and images especially you might desire page set ups that allow you to highlight content based on the media used.

Unlimited page designs: A designer can take your ideas for different kinds of pages on your site, and turn them into reality. There is no limit to the number of page designs you can have built. You might have a homepage that looks dramatically different than your content pages.

Landing pages can be written to include forms, videos, short copy and images. Your contact or about us pages can include pictures of your team members, a map to your location, and a chat option.

Custom user experience: An increasingly important trend for websites today is user experience. This goes beyond design to provide visitors a simple to use website, that meets demands as instantaneously as possible, and lets visitors achieve their goals with the lowest amount of friction.

Unlimited connections, integrations and technologies: If you plan on doing anything unique with your website, a custom design will work with any of it. You’ll still need a developer but you’ll more easily have access to changing design if needed.


Good work takes time: It’s important to give your custom designer a good amount of lead time to get the project done. For some designers this can be months of time, but for a company like Fastdezine, things can be done much more quickly. Share your needs with the team and they can give you a quote and estimated date of delivery.

Costs: It’s no lie that custom work costs more than a template. Designers need time to come up with a concept, implement all of the design features you’d like to include, and put it all together in a mock up.

Following your approval, they will make the PSD files, and have the site coded. Since it is a long process, it can be a costly investment. The more you want done, the more it will cost.

Choose A Unique Design If:

  • You value branding and a customized touch.
  • You have other technologies to include.
  • You want more options in the future.
  • You will have a highly visible website.
  • You desire a unique look for your company.


When it comes down to it, a custom design is probably the best option for most companies who will run intricate websites and blogs. The options for customization along with the possibilities for user experience and branding are huge benefits to any business.

But, for small businesses who just need a brochure site to share the basics of their company, a template will do. Additionally, if you don’t have the time, and need your site published immediately, you’ll find a template is the easiest way.

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