Humanized Marketing in Business Strategy

Get to know Humanized Marketing and How to Apply it to Your Strategy

Have you ever heard of Humanized Marketing?

The concept has become very popular, and some experts say that 2020 is the year that this strategy would gain more strength.

At the RD Summit edition 2019, Liliane Ferrari, a Marketing specialist, pointed out very pertinently:

People forget everything, but they don’t forget when you trigger an emotion in them.

Do you know what Humanized Marketing means, and how brands can use emotion in their communication strategies?

In this article we will explain why Humanized Marketing is indispensable to relate to consumer 4.0, and how it can be put into practice.

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A brief history about Marketing

Marketing is, at the same time, the science and art that evolves according to the culture, the time and the generation in which it is inserted. Essential for the commercial expansion of any type of business, Marketing is both concept-based and adaptable for each market segment.

Despite being applied on some scale for hundreds of years, it was in the twentieth century that we began to look at Marketing in a scientific way. Behavior studies and the influence of colors in advertising were the first topics addressed in Marketing as a science and opened doors to what we know today.

A lot has changed since then, and the internet has been a great booster  for this science to evolve even more, bringing the novelty of Inbound Marketing, which started to coexist with the old, but also very necessary, Outbound Marketing.

With Inbound Marketing we got to know the public even more. Now, it is not just demographic data, but also in-depth information about the consumer’s profile, needs, difficulties and desires. This we call the buyer persona, that is, a semi fictional  representation of an audience.

With Inbound Marketing, we took the first steps to have a more personal dialogue with consumers. Therefore, Humanized Marketing is not exactly a novelty, but the search for an accurate way of doing it can still be a great challenge.

Humanized Marketing

Imagine that you are talking to a friend. You know him, you know what pleases him, what he dislikes, what he needs and wants to hear. It is in this level of personality that Humanized Marketing acts.

With this strategy, there are two results we want to achieve: empathy and public recognition. Empathy, in order to generate an emotional bond.  Recognition, in a way that the public can understand that the brand is being genuine and has authority over the subject it communicates.

For your brand to conquer empathy and consumer recognition, it is necessary:

● To speak at the individual level;

● To know the consumer’s behavior; 

● To have a personality of its own;

● To respect the timing of a subject or campaign.

Notice that we use the word “conquer”. Do you know why?

The 21st century buyer, the so-called consumer 4.0, has more access to information, compares products and services more and, consequently, has more discernment in relation to what he consumes and in his relationship with brands.

This type of client really expects companies to be genuine and to communicate on a personal level. The consumer 4.0 expects to be understood and to be close to the brands he consumes.

Does it look a bit complex? Let’s simplify it a little. See, below, the tools that can help your brand to relate on a more intimate level with your clientele.

3 important tools for Humanized Marketing

A set of elements must be executed with cohesion to make Marketing Humanized.

1. Content is the key to Humanized Marketing

Do not underestimate the power of content in your communication strategy. After all, it is the way you “speak” that guarantees the success of your message. For that, your brand must, first of all, have personality.

Business communication needs to approach the scenario we mentioned above, in which two friends talk. For this, it is necessary to determine the personas in this conversation.

What is the personality of your brand? Is it formal, stripped-down or neutral? Who exactly is the person who consumes your products or services? What are the main needs of this person, and how does he or she deal with his/hers problems?

Answering these questions is the first step towards creating humanized content. 

2. A communication routine can narrow the relationship with the public

A base full of leads is worthless if you don’t relate to them. In fact, it is a waste of effort to collect these contacts and put them aside, right?

Thus, show your leads that your brand knows about their existence, that you care about them, and that you want to create a relationship.

And it is not necessary that they are contacts ready for the purchase. Top funnel leads should also be given due attention. Offer content for reading, share experiences or give tips on some very useful tool for your team. In other words: show that your brand cares about them.

3. The role of design in Humanized Marketing

In addition to the indispensable function of Marketing in creating strong and unique brands with personality, it can be a great ally of Humanized Marketing.

One of the goals of graphic design is to tell stories in a visual way. This allows the consumer to have a more fluid, light and intuitive experience of the content they consume. We see this on websites, graphic pieces and also on social media posts.

But, how can grdesign be humanized?

In the same way as the content is: creating elements and pieces that dialogue with the persona. For example, one of the criteria for using bank images in posts should be to generate identification with who is consuming the piece. Therefore, when choosing photos of people consider the ethnicity, lifestyle and other elements of the persona.

The user experience is a very important arm of Humanized Marketing. Explore it!

Other important allies

There are other important allies for more humane Marketing. They are:

A / B tests

A / B tests are tools that help to refine the elements of your Marketing actions, eliminating guesswork and determining variables that generate the best results.

With A / B tests you can understand what most pleases your audience, eliminate guesswork and invest in what communicates best with your audience.

Data analysis 

Do not forget the metrics. They are essential for your Marketing to understand if you are on the right path of communication.

Tools such as Google Analytics and social media management panels can offer incredible insights into your audience’s profile and the subjects that interest them most.

Where do they come from? How long are they on your site? What are your preferred subjects? What are the other brands that interest you?

All of this data is a true gold mine for you to extract insights and make communication more humane and assertive.

Humanized Marketing is about expressing the true DNA of your business and also creating a strong bond with your audience.

Tell us: does your brand apply Humanized Marketing?

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